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Valentine Flowers Online Across India from Floweraura

Valentine's Day and its annual gifting conundrum are here: to buy flowers or to buy treats for your sweet? But this year, we won't have a last-minute doubt in our minds what the right purchase should be.

You Can Send Disney Princess Bouquets For Valentine's Day, So Our Fairy Godmother WAS Listening

Because this year, we're buying both in the form of one — a gift known as, the edible bouquet. A true double-edged sword of V-Day presents , edible bouquets come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are sweet and flower-shaped, while others are salty and savory novelty creations.

Scroll on to become a February 14 MVP with any one of the tasty arrangements ahead. So why has it become customary that every couple stick to a basic bouquet of red roses to signify their love?

Valentine Day Flowers Delivery Online | Fresh And Fregrant Only At Winni

After all, Valentine's Day is all about getting a little personal. So, selecting an assortment of stems that feels extra special to them — and proves you pick up on their preferences — seems only fitting. When shopping for a Valentine with a bold personality, pick a bouquet stands out as much as they do.

Both still contain a spray of roses to remain inherently romantic, but feel way more thoughtful thanks to the variety of other blooms. Urban Stems also offers up a variety of vase options for the arrangement, allowing an extra level of personalization.

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Gifting your girlfriends this Valentine's Day? Romantic roses don't exactly fit the bill — but that doesn't mean you have to move away from a floral gift.


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At the end of the day, if roses are really their thing, go all out with an arrangement that'll really wow. Venus et Fleur makes specially treated roses that'll look beautiful for at least a year, so they'll enjoy the gift far beyond V-day. Considering a bouquet typically lasts just a week or two, this one really steps it up.

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But this year, while I was browsing through the dollar store craft aisle, I saw some old-style metal buckets. Or if your man likes liquor more than beer you could skip on the beer and just make an alcohol bouquet instead.

Valentine’s Day Special Bouquet

For The Husbands bouquet I decided to add some pepperettes, since they are one of his favorite treats. I figured I should also add something chocolate, so I grabbed a couple of chocolate roses to give it a bit of a romantic touch. If you were able to find a nice centerpiece for your bouquet or a small bottle of booze , place it in the middle of your bucket, then arrange the beer around it.

If you bought some extra treats for your bouquet, arrange them around the beers. If something is too short like the pepperettes I got were , just tape them to the back of the beer bottles so they will still be visible.