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Replacing Dispute Board members. Chapter 7. Referral to a Dispute Board. Starting the process — Informal vs. Sample Request for Informal Opinion. Procedural Requirements. Duties of the parties. Witnesses and Witness Statements. Witness Statements - Guideline. What Witness Statements Should Contain. The importance of witness statements. Statements by experts.

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Format of witness statements. Witness outlines. Chapter 8. Elements of a Referral. Referral by the Contractor. Referral by the Employer. Preliminary Matters and Setting out the Dispute. Dispute Adjudication Board Member Form. Sample No 1- Record of Claims form.

Chern on Dispute Boards (Construction Practice Series)

Sample Referrals. Chapter 9. Site Visits. The Concept of Site Visits. Contractual requirements.

Preparation Prior to Site Visit. Sample — Site Visit Schedule Format. Establishing an agenda.

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Sample No 1- General Agenda Format. Sample No 2 — Detailed Agenda Format. Sample Agendas. Sample No 3- General Agenda Format. Sample No 4- Detailed Agenda Format. Practice and Procedure at Site Visits. Criticism by Dispute Board Members. Issuing a Site Visit Report. Sample reports.

Chapter The Hearing Process. Hearing Preparation. Sample Language — 1. Sample Language — 2. Sample — Document Receipt Schedule.

Chern on Dispute Boards Construction Practice Series

Sample Claim Hearing Agenda. Role of the Chair. Role of other Members. Guidelines for Operation. The Role of the Engineer. Sample — Documentary Evidence Schedule. Objections from the parties. Lawyers at hearings. Deliberations after Hearing. Reaching a Decision. Writing the Decision. The Decision. Making and writing the Decision and time requirements. Non-Acceptance of Dispute Board Decision. Notice of Dissatisfaction. Amicable Settlement.

Arbitration After Termination of the Dispute Board. Board member Conflicts. Pre-existing conflicts of interest. Conflicts which can develop during the Hearings. Evident Partiality. Interpretation of the Evident Partiality Standard. Ethical requirements of Board Members. The Dispute Board Federation. Code Of Ethics. Removal of Board Members. Contract Provisions. Voluntary removal. Non-voluntary removal Removal by the Chair.

Removal by other Board Members. Adding new Board members during proceedings. Sample - Notice of Termination- by the parties. Sample - Notice of Termination - by Member. Notice of Termination by Member. Notice of Resignation. Dispute Adjudication Board.

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Termination Agreement. Maritime Industry Dispute Boards. Maritime Disputes. He has practised since specifically in the areas of engineering and construction disputes in the United Kingdom, the EU and internationally. He has extensive experience in civil and structural engineering design issues, supervision of construction, contract management, construction insurance, arbitration, mediation, adjudication and other methods of dispute resolution.

He has had over engineering construction dispute references and has served on over dispute boards in that time, acting as chairman on most occasions. He has over 40 years' experience in arbitration, mediation and adjudication and has handled complex international commercial and construction matters in over 20 countries worldwide located in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, China, and Africa. In addition to this book, Dr Chern is the author of a large number of papers and articles on dispute boards, construction disputes, and mediation and is the author of International Commercial Mediation and The Law Of Construction Disputes both published by Informa Publishing London.

Title page. Chapter 3.

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Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar. Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. Dispute boards were first introduced almost 20 years ago.