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Mozley - Loeb Classical Library. Statius, II: Thebaid Books Suetonius I: The Life of the Caesars. Rolfe - Loeb Classical Library.

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Tacitus I: Dialogus - Agricola - Germania. Jackson - Loeb Classical Library. Terence II : Phormio. The Mother-in-Law. The Brothers. De spectaculis.

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Kerr - Loeb Classical Library. Roland G. Varro, II:. On the Latin Language, - Books Velleius Paterculus: Compendium of Roman history. Res gestae divi Augusti. Shiply - Loeb Classical Library. Virgil, I: Eclogues. Aeneid Books Granger - Loeb Classical Library. Aeschines : Speeches.

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Adams - Loeb Classical Library. Seaton - Loeb Classical Library. White - Loeb Classical Library. Forster - Loeb Classical Library. Robson - Loeb Classical Library. Mair, A. R - Loeb Classical Library. The Rich Man's Salvation. To the Newly Baptized. Butterworth - Loeb Classical Library. Hicks - Loeb Classical Library. Cary - Loeb Classical Library. Oldfather - Loeb Classical Library. Arthur S. Way - Loeb Classical Library. Brock - Loeb Classical Library. Edmonds - Loeb Classical Library. Evelyn-White - Loeb Classical Library. Jones - Loeb Classical Library. Murray - Loeb Classical Library. Gaselee - Loeb Classical Library.

Hippias or The Bath. Amber or The Swans. The Fly. The Hall. My Native Land. A True Story. The Consonants at Law. The Carousal Symposium or The Lapiths. Harmon - Loeb Classical Library. Zeus Catechized. Zeus Rants. The Dream or The Cock. Icaromenippus or The Sky-man. Timon or The Misanthrope.

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  • Download Greek Anthology Iii Book Ix Loeb Classical Library The Declamatory Epigrams 1917;
  • Charon or The Inspectors. Philosophies for Sale. The Double Indictment or Trials by Jury. On Sacrifices.

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    The Ignorant Book Collector. The Dream or Lucian's Career.

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    The Parasite. The Lover of Lies. The Judgement of the Goddesses. On Salaried Posts in Great Houses. Menippus or The Descent into Hades. On Funerals. A Professor of Public Speaking. Alexander the False Prophet. Essays in Portraiture. Essays in Portraiture Defended. The Goddesse of Surrye. The Runaways. Toxaris or Friendship.

    The Dance. The Eunuch. The Mistaken Critic. The Parliament of the Gods. The Tyrannicide. The Dipsads. Herodotus or Aetion. Zeuxis or Antiochus. A Slip of the Tongue in Greeting. Apology for the "Salaried Posts in Great Houses. A Conversation with Hesiod. The Scythian or The Consul. Hermotimus or Concerning the Sects. Kilburn - Loeb Classical Library. Dialogues of the Sea-Gods.

    Dialogues of the Gods. Dialogues of the Courtesans. Macleod - Loeb Classical Library. Francis G. Allinson - Loeb Classical Library. Maidment - Loeb Classical Library. Burt - Loeb Classical Library. Rouse - Loeb Classical Library.

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    Nonnos, I I: Dionysiaca, Books Ormerod - Loeb Classical Library. Fairbanks - Loeb Classical Library. Paton - Loeb Classical Library. Dewing - Loeb Classical Library. Storr - Loeb Classical Library. Lake - Loeb Classical Library. Gregory the Theologian. Forster Smith - Loeb Classical Library. Brownson - Loeb Classical Library. The Murty Library, Mr. Pollock said, aims to take in the broadest swath of them. Pollock said. When it gained independence in , India had a pioneering generation of homegrown classicists of the first rank. But today, scholars say , its universities produce and retain few classical scholars with the interpretive skills required by a project like the Murty, which has drawn its entire advisory board and most of its translators, South Asian and Western alike, from American and European institutions.

    The Murty Library fills a scholarly void. The last comparable project, the Clay Sanskrit Library , a series inaugurated by New York University Press in , closed up shop prematurely after four years and 56 volumes when its benefactor, the financier John Clay, ended his support. Clay died in Pollock, who had taken over as its general editor, reconceived the project to extend far beyond Sanskrit. He shopped around in India for a new benefactor, to no avail.

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    He then brought the idea to Sharmila Sen , executive editor at large at Harvard University Press, who connected him with Rohan Murty , the son of the Indian technology billionaire N. Narayana Murthy. The two men spell their surnames differently. The younger Mr. Sen, who acquired the series, said. Some works in the first release will be familiar to many Indians even if they have never read them.