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Praise for Diary of a Company Man ".

How Can You Defend Those People?: The Making of a Criminal Lawyer Free Books - video dailymotion

James Kunen has done it again, with his acute, observant, funny and moving story of what's truly important in life. Kunen, author of Diary of a Company Man. James S.

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  2. How Can You Defend Those People?;
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Kunen is the author of popular and critically praised books that grapple with legal and political issues in a personal way. A prize-winning journalist, he is best known for his memoir, The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary —his account of the antiwar student strike at Columbia. Kunen website by config design and justin neely.

How Can You Defend "Those People:" A Day in the Life of a PA DUI Lawyer

Kunen The Strawberry Statement admits he entered the practice of law with the aim of writing about it, and his two-plus years in the Washington, D. To those with any background in the working of urban criminal justice, however, it is familiar stuff: the tedium of nothing happening most of the time clients not showing up, cases not being called ; defendants who find the proceedings a sham from beginning to end and just want to get it over with quickly; sometimes less-than-impartial judges ""He's guilty and I know he's guilty!

Kunen has no illusions about the system ""The court reminded me of a package express terminal"" , although he notes that, every once in a while, with the right facts, defense counsel can ""play up the justice angle. Judges' tendency to impose a lighter sentence on a defendant who pleads guilty as opposed to being found guilty after trial has less to do with the defendant's supposed repentance than the fact that the court has been saved a lot of work. There was a problem adding your email address.

How Can You Defend Those People?: The Making of a Criminal Lawyer

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Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Although the Constitution demands my client is innocent until proven guilty, the fact is an accusation alone may be enough for my client to lose his job, his family, and his assets.

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My job is to make sure my client is not run over by a government run amok and who frequently see my client as just another case number and crime. My job is to make sure the prosecutors see my client as a person, and as a person with rights.

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I would like to believe that most people have had no contact with the criminal justice system. And, certainly even fewer have had contact when facing potential felony charges and the risk of prison.

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  • Just like trying to explain my profession in a social gathering, I need to break down that same, misguided belief system to an uneducated, naive individual. I need to teach and educate every jury panel, that in this country, regardless of the offense, every person is innocent until proven guilty.

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    "How Can You Defend Those People?": The Making of a Criminal Lawyer

    If you want to see the literal application of this, all you need to do is attend any DUI trial. In voir dire, despite the instructions to consider the defendant innocent, a number of jurors will still respond that the simple of act of driving with alcohol in your system means you are guilty of a DUI.

    Many people think if you were arrested and charged with an offense, you must be guilty. I mean, why else would the police have arrested you? Yet, it never fails that several panel members still believe the act of drinking and driving, without a showing of impairment, is sufficient to commit a DUI.

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