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In a few control rooms, the early versions of RPCs are still operational, but are in fact way past their retirement age.

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Think about it: some of them were actually installed before the mobile phone era! For sure, there is an investment involved with such a purchase, but let us not underestimate the additional disruptive infrastructure works — and the downtime to the critical operations they bring along. This is where the refrigerator comparison steps in …. Barco has an installed base of over 15, video walls and is a proven global leader in control room visualization.

We have offered our customers the unique opportunity to upgrade their video walls to the newest generation state-of-the-art technology without the architectural hassle.

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We simply replace the projection engine and the input board, but keep the cube housing and the screen intact. This is quite a straightforward operation and can be done one cube at a time — which means that the rest of the overview video wall remains operational during the upgrade. The result?

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Barco offers customers the opportunity to upgrade to either LED or RGB Laser technology depending on cube size, lifetime expectations and budgetary targets. Additionally, RGB Laser light sources also offer much higher brightness with improved contrast levels and reproduce more colors than ever before allowing the video wall to be used in day light environments, which is favorable for operator ergonomics. A video wall is a big investment, and few organizations go lightly over such a purchase.

It is thus essential to benefit from the initial investment as long as possible, and keep the re-investment as budget-friendly as possible. Also in this area, Barco can answer customer requirements, and offers multiple financial options. Ask your Barco contact for more details! Preserving the environment is the task of every human, so organizations need to take responsibility as well.

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In this context, the upgrade kits make a lot of difference — Why? Both LED and laser technology need less energy to produce the similar light output. Additionally, the light sources last a lot longer up to K hrs. Maybe you have heard about our upgrade kits before. Because - Yes! In fact they have been around since Thousands of customers have already benefited from this option.

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Our new offering, however, allows customers to also upgrade the legacy RPCs with a aspect ratio to RGB Laser, so we can offer the latest technology to most of our installed base. Our website tells you all about the possible upgrade options.

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  • Are you interested to know more about upgrade kits offering? All these kinds of childhood memories about drums, control, being out of control, about the years before you turn into a man. In one set of images we see the skins of drums complete with all manner of marks and scuffs.

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    Sejersen seems to be drawing a parallel between the marks on the surfaces of the drums and the marks of time and experience on human skin by juxtaposing close ups of each. When seen in this way, the photographs take on a sinister quality and hint at violence. I like these contrasts that come from very ordinary things or memories, and interpreting them.

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    Indeed, dualisms or dichotomies — sound and silence, chaos and control, fragility and strength, reality and fantasy, pain and pleasure — are the lifeblood of this work, its pulse, its DNA. The best example I can give is when you bump into something and it hurts like hell, but the moment you can feel that the pain is getting smaller it is actually a little close to happiness even though it still hurts, because you feel that relief. And yet, looking at the final pictures alongside everything else, I can see they have been there all along.

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