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While this book does not give as complete or compelling a picture as Jennifer Armstrong's Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World Crown, , it is a solid introduction. Edith Ching, St.

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Ernest Shackleton's Ill-Fated Antarctic Expedition

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Fast DeliveryBookseller Inventory Seller Inventory STM Seller Inventory Book Description Condition: Brand New. Printed in English. Excellent Quality, Service and customer satisfaction guaranteed!. Book Description Condition: New. His team set out on October 19 with four men and 52 dogs and arrived at the Pole on December Exquisitely organized and well-trained in skiing and dog-driving, Amundsen's team covered as many as 40 miles per day without privation or illness.

The healthy team returned from their 1,mile journey an astonishing 10 days early, and were greeted with champagne by the cook, who had slept with the bottles to prevent freezing. Amundsen's aim was unabashedly competitive; even geographic observations during the trek were scant.

Aliens in Antarctica — Australian Antarctic Division

Fired by his previous failure to capture the Pole, Scott launched the British Antarctic Expedition in He and four men set out from Ross Island on November 1, , following the Beardmore Glacier route trailblazed by Shackleton in Novice dog drivers, the team favored manhauling—pulling sledges themselves. They arrived at the Pole on January 17, , only to discover the Norwegian flag planted there by Roald Amundsen just one month before. With five men sharing rations meant for four, the party was ravaged by malnutrition, scurvy, snowblindness, exhaustion, and injury. The expedition was notable for its exemplary dedication to scientific aims; Scott's team was carrying 30 pounds of geological samples when they died.

Another three-man team, including Apsley Cherry-Garrard, conducted a journey to collect the first emperor penguin embryos, chronicled in his book The Worst Journey in the World. Declining an overture from Shackleton and Scott's invitation to join his dash for the Pole, geologist Douglas Mawson mounted the Australasian Antarctic Expedition to explore the unknown region west of Cape Adare on the Ross Sea.

Just miles into their journey, Ninnis fell into a crevasse and disappeared with most of the food and tools.

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Desperate to outstrip starvation, Mawson and Mertz killed the huskies for food and fell victim to vitamin A poisoning from eating the dog liver. It was a tortuous journey. When we arrived on South Georgia and had evidently survived, only just, three of my people were completely incapacitated due to the trials and tribulations of that journey. That left three people, just like Shackleton had.

"Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance"

A quick historical note on the men that had made it to South Georgia. As the story goes, when they were on Elephant Island, Shackleton got the five best men, put them in the boat, and off they went to South Georgia. The rest, as they say, is history. When it comes to climate change, sometimes you need to keep the people who represent the problem in close engagement.

1912 The year the world discovered Antarctica

Instead of refusing to work with stakeholders you disagree with—the oil companies, the commercial polluters, the opposing political parties—you bring them into your inner circle. At least you can nullify the negative impact they have and try to get them to engage and help you positively. So off I went with the remaining two of my men.

Enter the weather. We were unlucky. Antarctica can throw knot winds at you, which blew our tents away and destroyed everything. It can be very overwhelming. In that situation—either getting cold, tired people to climb a mountain, or doing something about global warming—a good adage is to do something. I found myself saying that we just need to do something , otherwise the wheels of this expedition were going to fall, and all would be lost.

We headed into the mountains and completed the journey. The good news is that we can do something about climate change, too. In addition to how you vote, you can reduce your personal footprint, you can put solar panels on your roof, and you can take public transport or cycle. Explorers have shared characteristics: Vision, passion, the ability to instill confidence in others, and the resilience to see it through. We need to impart that kind of approach to others—individuals need to do something. Collectively, we can all make a contribution.

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