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Unconscious Phantasy by Riccardo Steiner

On Freud's Creative Writers and Day-dreaming. Edited By Ethel S. Edition 1st Edition.

First Published Imprint Routledge. A world of good and bad objects are thus constructed through a process of projection and introjection between the external and internal worlds.

1st Edition

Phantasy thus allows us to construct both our own identity and also, through projection, the construction of Others. Phantasies develop in and into play, and Klein used 'play therapy' to learn about the early development of infants as a more effective method than Freud's use of free association. Freud recognized phantasies, but looked to the unconscious wish as the prime mover.

He saw phantasies as imagined fulfilments of frustrated wishes. Klein puts phantasies beneath unconscious wishes, rather than alongside them. Clarke, S. Free Associations.

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London: Karnac Books. Spillius, E. Freud and Klein on the concept of phantasy. International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

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Unconscious Phantasy

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Please help and share:. More Kindle book s:. Home Top Menu Quick Links. Phantasies in the past unconscious are those that are believed to occur in the first years of life and that can be thought of as existing behind the so-called repression barrier. Search all titles. Search all titles Search all collections.

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